akali x poro 

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ahri x poro  

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old poro warmup, 

its an aatrox x poro mix lol

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annie warmup

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ritsu warmup, based on a music video

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old iscribble doodles :3

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"the heart is the strongest muscle" 

great warm up ^ 7^

ill upload more of my work one day… haha….

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I kept seeing that palette meme going around, but wasn’t particularly fond of all the super-high-saturation or low-value ranges. For anyone that wants to try something a little different, here you go.

Have fun, everyone!

anyone wanna give me a suggestion? ;)

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all my doodle posts on miiverse so far, theyre mostly ACNL related xD

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got kill la kill stuck in the brain to the point i can’t sleep

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happy miku day ^ 7^ / 

made it while taking break from hw in order to celebrate. love you miku! <3

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Working of expressions for my class. Drawing beards are uber fun ♡

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VA autographs that i got at ALA i know im late, but i finally got my scanner QQ but YESSSSSSS i got 2 of my fav supports <33 i met Ahri’s VA but didn’t get a chance for her to sign it ;; until next time i suppose!

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this is an image, as seen on the theme, i made back in 2012, jesus. but yay oc stuff!

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hand painting exercises i did on photoshop

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